Class 12 Model Questions 2079 Official Notice | Issued by NEB | New Course

    The National Examination Board (NEB) in Sanothimi Bhaktapur, Nepal has recently published a notice regarding model questions for Class 12. According to the notice, NEB has prepared model questions for Class 12 final examinations to be held in 2023. The model questions have been developed for various streams, including Science, Management, Humanities, and Education.

    The model questions have been prepared in accordance with the new curriculum and syllabus for Class 12. They aim to help students better understand the exam pattern and format, as well as the types of questions that may be asked in the final examination. This will allow students to prepare more effectively and improve their performance in the exams.

    Overall, NEB's publication of the model questions for Class 12 is a positive step that will benefit students who will be taking the exams in the near future. By providing a clear understanding of what to expect in the final exams, students can feel more confident and prepared, leading to better outcomes for both the students and the education system in Nepal.

Official Notice

Class 12 Model Questions 2079

Accounting Set A
Accounting Set B
Social Studies & Life Skill Education
Business Studies
Business Mathematics
Hotel Management
Rural Development
Nepalese Legal System
Instructional Pedagogy and Evaluation
Education and Development
Legal Drafting
Population Studies
Tourism and Mountaineering Studies
Civil Criminal Justice
Optional Nepali
Optional English
Environment Science
General Law
Mass Communication
Health and Physical Education