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    Are you a student of Class 12 ? Are you searching for notes of chapters of Physics of Class 12 ? If yes, you are at the right place. Here, in this post, you will get the notes of every chapters of Physics of Class 12. There's a table below where you can find the links to the respective chapters. You can simply click the button and reach the post where you can find the notes in PDF format. Thank You !

S.N Chapters Links
1 Rotational Dynamics View Post
2 Periodic Motion View Post
3 Fluid Statics View Post
4 First Law of Thermodynamics View Post
5 Second Law of Thermodynamics View Post
6 Wave Motion View Post
7 Mechanical Waves View Post
8 Wave in Pipes and Strings View Post
9 Acoustic Phenomena View Post
10 Nature and Propagation of Light View Post
11 Interference View Post
12 Diffraction View Post
13 Polarization View Post
14 Electrical Circuits View Post
15 Thermoelectric Effects View Post
16 Magnetic Effect of Current Part 1  |  Part 2
17 Magnetic Properties of Materials View Post
18 Electromagnetic Induction View Post
19 Alternating Currents View Post
20 Electrons Part 1  |  Part 2
21 Photons View Post
22 Semiconductor Devices View Post
23 Quantization of Energy View Post
24 Radioactivity and Nuclear Reaction View Post
25 Recent Trends in Physics View Post