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   Are you a student or a teacher of Class 12 ? Are you searching for quality notes of different chapters of Chemistry Book of Class 12 ? If yes, you are at the right place. Here, in this post, you will get the notes of " ALCOHOL " of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY of Chemistry Book in a PDF file.

    The PDF contains of introduction, nomenclature, isomerism and classification of monohydric alcohols, distinction of primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols by Victor Meyer’s Method, preparation of monohydric alcohols from Haloalkane, primary amines, and esters, industrial preparation alcohol from: oxo process, hydroboration-oxidation of ethene & fermentation of sugar, definition of common terms: Absolute alcohol, power alcohol, denatured alcohol (methylated spirit), rectified spirit; alcoholic beverage, physical properties monohydric alcohols, chemical properties of monohydric alcohols, reaction with HX, PX3, PCl5, SOCl2 , action with reactive metals like Na, K, Li , dehydration of alcohols, oxidation of primary, secondary and tertiary alcohol with mild oxidizing agents like acidified KMnO4 or K2Cr2O7, catalyic dehydrogenation of 1⁰ and 2⁰ alcohol and dehydration of 3⁰ alcohol, esterification reaction, test of ethanol.

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Alcohol Notes

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