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   Are you a student or a teacher of Class 12 ? Are you searching for quality notes of different chapters of Chemistry Book of Class 12 ? If yes, you are at the right place. Here, in this post, you will get the notes of " IONIC EQUILIBRIUM " of PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY of Chemistry Book in a PDF file.

    The PDF contains about introduction to Acids and Bases , limitation of Arrhenius concepts of acids and bases , Bronsted –Lowry definition of acids and bases , relative strength of acids and bases , conjugate acid –base pairs , Lewis definition of acids and bases , ionization of weak electrolyte (Ostwald’s dilution law) , ionic product of water (Kw) , dissociation constant of acid and base, (Ka &  Kb) , concept of pKa and pKb , pH value : pH of strong and weak acids, pH of strong and weak bases , solubility and solubility product principle , common Ion effect , application of solubility product principle and common ion effect in precipitation reactions , buffer solution and its application , indicators and selection of indicators in acid base titration types of salts : acidic salts, basic salts, simple salts, complex salts (introduction and examples) , hydrolysis of salts : salts of strong acid and strong base , salts of weak acid and strong base , salts of weak base and strong acid (solving related numerical problems).

    You can either view the PDF file or you can even download the book by hitting the DOWNLOAD button provided below. Share it with the needy ones. Keep Studying, Keep Hustling. Thank You.




Ionic Equilibrium Notes

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