A Respectable Woman - Kate Chopin - Summary - Class 12

 A Respectable Woman

by Kate Chopin

Mrs. Baroda was unhappy to hear about Gouvernail's visit to their plantation. Her husband Gaston's information about Gouvernail made her upset because she had planned to take a rest and converse after their busy winter and mild separation. She hadn't met Gouvernail before and only heard about him through her husband.

Mrs. Baroda unconsciously pictured him to be slim, tall, and cynical with eyeglasses and hands into his pockets. She didn't like him in her imagination. When Gouvernail arrived and presented himself, Mrs. Baroda was fascinated towards him. But she found him quite different in various aspects. He was quite different from her husband's description. She became quite puzzled and tired to find Gouvernail's simple and reserved personality. Gouvernail behaved quite simply and didn't pay much attention to Mrs. Baroda. Mrs. Baroda found various lacks within him. She also discussed his reserved nature with her husband. She even tried to avoid him but there was no change in Gouvernail's nature. She walked along with him to change his reserved nature.

One night, she was sitting on a bench alone. She planned to leave the plantation for a while. In the meantime, Gouvernail arrived there and sat just beside her. He provided her with a scarf on Gaston's behalf. He started talking about the nighttime, the olden days and his liking towards peaceful living. Mrs. Baroda found him talkative for the first time. She didn't listen to his words but felt attracted to his voice's tones. She wanted to reach out her hand towards him and touch his face or lips with her sensitive tips of fingers. She wanted to whisper on his check. But she controlled herself. Her self-dignity of being a respectable woman and wife prevented her doing this great mistake. She stood and left the place. She took an early morning train to the city. She did not return till Gouvernail was gone from under her roof. Next, she delighted her husband saying that she had overcome everything and she will treat Gouvernail very nicely the next time.

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