Phases of Digital Marketing

Digital marketer needs to create a re-branding process in the following four categories;

Step 1: Determining the current state of the product

Stage 2: What does Brand stand for today?

Phase 3: Developing product suspension platforms

Phase 4: Analyzing the structure of the sign and presenting the management.

Now, to integrate this digital marketing strategy, more accurate results will be delivered by AECOM. For this purpose, Yahoo! Responses should reach beyond the pure online field and start this conversation.

With the digital marketing of AECOM branding campaign in Yahoo !, AECOM should carry out the following activities:

Phase 1: Video shooting of users

At this stage, AECOM should visit the three major countries UAE, USA, and UK.

The campaign is to be held for three days in each country in popular areas to ask consumers questions about the AECOM product placement event.

During the event, there are 5 questions that should be asked of all respondents provided by AECOM.

All answers to the above questions should be computerized and should be sent to Yahoo! The answer.

The response to this event will indicate whether or not AECOM has received a greater response than expected and whether the target has been achieved or not.

Step 2: Post all the responses to Yahoo!

The second phase of digital marketing is the AECOM product promotion campaign to send feedback to Yahoo! Answers.

Ideally, the top 50 responses from the list should be uploaded to Yahoo! Responses to AECOM product. On each page a total of 10 responses will be displayed with AECOM promotional video.

This may enable users or consumers to view video responses posted on the website or to answer personal questions that may encourage more responses in the future.

Step 3: Promoting all responses to Yahoo!

All selected questions should be addressed to Yahoo! Promotional and additional advertising information among consumers about AECOM's product suspension strategy.

In this promotion through AECOM digital media communication can get a big response.

The strategy can be used here by AECOM and Yahoo !, that every response to that response will be added over 12 minutes which is the highest time given by Yahoo!

In addition to these responses, other creative promises can also be added by AECOM to Yahoo!

These creative ads include -

Featured AECOM service promo for Jahoo! Homepage

AECOM Video Response Promotion in Yahoo! Homepage

These ads are not limited to Yahoo! Homepage but also for messages, emails, replies and groups.

Step 4: Invite quality users to comment and ask questions about AECOM product re-designation.

The final phase of AECOM and Yahoo !, a successful digital marketing marketing campaign is an invitation to high-level users to share their ideas on AECOM's services and financial management with others or those familiar with AECOM. Also, this section raises questions about AECOM product redesign. Reliable customers who have questions about why AECOM bears the branding mark, can send related questions to Yahoo !, and can find the right answers to their questions through the AECOM management team working with Yahoo! Answers.

Accordingly, AECOM product launch presentation can be successfully implemented with Yahoo! Answers with an incredible effect.