Meaning and Definition of Enterpreneurship

 Entrepreneurship is the name given to the production element that performs the functions of the Business. In economics, land, labor, finance, organization and business are the five elements considered to be the basis of all activities.

Entrepreneurship in a broad sense can be seen as the process of doing what an entrepreneur (Person) does to start his or her business. It is an environmentally friendly response.

Entrepreneurship can be described as a response to creativity and natural ingenuity. Such responses may occur in any field of social work be it business, agriculture, social work and education etc.

For entrepreneurs it is important to be knowledgeable about economic and political issues, especially the government's economic and financial policies and commercial institutions.

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So a simple definition of businesses that innovate or innovate.

According to Drs. J. the ability to plan and desire to innovate and innovate in business.

According to Higgins, Entrepreneurship is aimed at identifying investment and manufacturing opportunities, planning a business to create a new manufacturing process, raising capital, hiring staff, planning for delivery of raw materials, acquiring a site, introducing new strategies and goods, discovering new resources and selecting senior management of daily business.

It can be concluded that entrepreneurship is the ability to integrate, the result of many symbols and symbols. This includes, thinking ready to risk, the ability to integrate and utilize other productive assets such as capital, land and labor and intangibles such as the ability to integrate scientific and technological advances.

Entrepreneurship thus involves taking risks and making significant investments under conditions of uncertainty. At the same time it involves innovation, planning and decision-making to increase productivity in the sector, business and agriculture. In this way it plays a major role in the economic development process.

Entrepreneurship is the process of doing things for entrepreneurs who are doing to start their own business. Entrepreneurship is a mixture of the effects of many of the qualities and characteristics of a business owner.

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the process by which an entrepreneur expands his or her business interests. It is a job that involves innovation and the art that will be done to start his own business.

Entrepreneurship is a psychological tendency to take risks calculated with confidence in order to achieve a limited business or industry objectives.

Commerce has opened the way for greater economic growth in India. Our national economy is well suited to the growth of small businesses. Small business centers offer easy ways to grow and develop businesses by providing entry into the business for new business talents. Industries with a small business are very active and can play a major role in solving the unemployment problem.

Business Success:

The following factors are necessary for a successful business:

1. Frequent access to information related to buyers, buyers, distributors, retailers, retailers, exporters etc., regarding immature items, quality features, government agencies, employees and competitors.

2.Satisfying customer needs.

3. Adequate cash flow generation.

4. Assessment of the general purpose of the business.

5. Product improvement.

6. Quality maintenance.

7. The use of time technology.

8. Be creative.

9. Keep employees motivated.

10. Waste or waste materials are used properly.

11. Time management.