Concept of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a very innovative and innovative concept of the 21st century. In this way products and media services are developed using data-driven online distribution channels to reach consumers in an efficient, effective, personal, and profitable way. The term digital marketing does not have a specific meaning or meaning but can best be explained by examples such as emails, online ads, pay per click, wireless text messages, instant messaging, RSS, blogging, fax, video streaming, podcasting, streaming, etc. All of these examples are included in the definition of digital marketing.

Apart from its integrated list, there are a few traditional marketing methods that are not included in the digital marketing space. They are TV, radio, print and billboard as they are not the fastest or fastest way to advertise. It says with these advertising methods the advertiser could not get a response from the consumers in the end. Traditional forms of marketing could not provide the right number of respondents. Possibly, there has been little improvement with devices such as TiVo recording statistics as a website but, nevertheless the excellent result has not been achieved. However, this is happening through the introduction of digital marketing.

Digital marketing has become such a powerful advertising network, that with the launch of Google's "Double Click" strategy, the world is getting closer and closer to connecting with each other. With the help of digital marketing, campaigns to promote any product online are much cheaper and easier.

With embedded digital technology, in digital marketing, the advertiser can easily access how often the campaign has been shown online, and know how many people have seen the campaign, how many responses they have received, and how much purchases have been made despite online mode. With this fast-end technology, marketing of any particular products becomes easier, consumer consensus is possible and the organization makes a huge profit, too.

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Advanced digital marketing types are wider internet, Wi-Fi network, and mobile phone access. The use of these methods has grown significantly worldwide. Web usage has increased by 10% worldwide, from January 9 to January 10, according to a recent report.

The management status has changed. From a traditional advertising form, they have moved to a digital marketplace. Billions of dollars have been spent by digital marketing organizations to promote their advertising campaigns. They make huge profits from digital marketing and earn big money.

Critical analysis of research findings, using appropriate diagrams and relevant models to support the analysis

From an audit it is found that AECOM has considered product redesign with its short-term marketing project with digital marketing and Yahoo! Answers. 

However, AECOM has not considered any strategy for promoting the branding of that brand. AECOM needs to look at an appropriate branding strategy for effective outcomes in the digital marketplace. AECOM strategy could be New Logo and Tagline. AECOM has been in financial and administrative services for the past 20 years, but at that time AECOM has not considered a product refund. Now that we have decided, then AECOM's best strategy is a new logo and tagline. AECOM should come up with new tags such as “Finest Service Provider”, or “Services Delivered. Anywhere. At any time. ”, Or“ Leaders in Service Delivery ”. 

Along with its tagline, AECOM can also change its brand. By accepting any tagline, consumer status can change and consumers feel free to contact AECOM at any time. The tagline itself should look good so that more and more consumers can be attracted to AECOM services.

Apart from this, AECOM has reviewed Yahoo Answers via its digital radio. However, in the market there are various providers of digital marketing services available such as Google, Hotmail, Face book, You Tube, etc. The cost of the services of all these service providers should also be considered, the quality of their services should be assessed, additional discounts on the completion of certain services should be considered and only after that a decision should be made whether the service provider has economic costs or not.

AECOM should consider a face book for creating a digital marketing package for product redesign. More than 400 million users have had excessive social networking. AECOM can use it to attract more consumers in terms of its product. The diagram below shows that the use of the Face book has increased that level, if any company chooses this digital promo marketing media then it will always be profitable from the point of view of growth, development, revenue, publicity, and profitability.