Social Evils In Nepal

Social Evils In Nepal

Due to poor growth in the agricultural sector, living standards in rural areas contribute to poverty. Population growth has put a lot of pressure on arable land. Superstitions rooted in Nepalese societies also exacerbate social problems. People believe in various cultures that do not allow a person to make progress. This is because people are not guilty. Untouchability was not officially approved in 2020 BS but it is still deeply rooted. The Deuki program is one of the worst social or cultural practices in a hilly area in a remote western region, poor people offering their youngest daughter to a god. The Dowry scheme is a practice in which cash or goods are given to the groom from the bride's father at a wedding ceremony. It is believed that older daughters should not be kept at home for long periods of time and that their marriage may take place in the early years, causing mental and physical problems and leading to premature death of the mother.

According to Nepal, many people still consider women to be weaker than men. Many people still think that women are made to work for men. People continue to treat daughters as a commodity. Many people still believe that girls should not be educated. Parenting a baby girl is one of the best examples of sexual discrimination in our society. Caste discrimination was the cause of the 'civil war' in Nepal. Alcohol abuse, smoking, drug addiction, devouring young South Africans. 

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Some of them do not really know the consequences of such practices. Corruption is a form of dishonesty or abuse of trust for personal gain. It is an illegal act by an office bearer. . Child abuse can be physical, sexual or spiritual. Most abused children suffer more emotionally than physically.

Some of the main causes of social problems in Nepal are the following:

Poverty, unemployment and inequality

➢ Deception

➢ Illiteracy

➢ Superstitions

Values   Values   and beliefs

Growth Population growth

Ization Unregulated urban work

➢ Decreasing prices

Drugs and alcohol


The solution to the social problem lies in the problem itself. The major and most effective solutions to many social problems are:

A Public Information

Enamandla Strong laws and regulations

➢ Application of laws

 Attitude A positive attitude

➢ Intolerance

➢ Media approach


There are many social issues affecting our country on a daily basis. Many people see these problems in a variety of ways by providing different solutions to fix them and various suggestions on why they occur. However, because of the common senselessness and the nature of these social issues, they cannot be eliminated and they should try to be taken seriously. The only way to improve these conditions, let alone resolve them, is to keep trying and listening to what everyone has to say, not just those who agree with us. We can still solve it by providing technical education for the youth, setting up factories, industries and transforming our traditional agriculture and household industries through strong implementation of laws and regulations.