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   Are you a student or a teacher of Class 12 ? Are you searching for quality notes of different chapters of Chemistry Book of Class 12 ? If yes, you are at the right place. Here, in this post, you will get the notes of " CARBOXYLIC ACID " of ORGANIC CHEMISTRY of Chemistry Book in a PDF file.

    The PDF contains of introduction, nomenclature and isomerism, preparation of monocarboxylic acids from : aldehydes, nitriles, dicarboxylic acid, sodium alkoxide and trihaloalkanes, preparation of benzoic acid from alkyl benzene, physical properties of monocarboxylic acids, chemical properties : Action with alkalies, metal oxides, metal carbonates, metal bicarbonates, PCl3, LiAlH4 and dehydration of carboxylic acid , Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky reaction , Electrophilic substitution reaction of benzoic acid bromination, nitration and sulphonation) , Effect of constituents on the acidic strength of carboxylic acid , Abnormal behaviour of methanoic acid.

    You can either view the PDF file or you can even download the book by hitting the DOWNLOAD button provided below. Share it with the needy ones. Keep Studying, Keep Hustling. Thank You.

Carboxylic Acid Notes

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